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Sloped Roofing Services in the Lower Mainland

Sloped roofs are also known as “water-shedding” roofs. This is because their waterproofing is derived by the slope of the roof.  Sloped roofs are considered waterproof as long as the water is moving in one direction (down the roof slope). Leaks are possible when obstructions or damage to the roof causes water to move in more than one direction (sideways along the roof slope for example).

Sloped roofs are roofs with a pitch (slope) greater than 2/12 (meaning a rise of 2 inches for every 12 inches of run).

Westcoast Roofing Systems is able to service, design, install and repair all types of sloped roofing systems designed with:

As a roof system, Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles stand up well to the harsh demands of the Pacific Northwest climate, making cedar the number one choice for durability and natural beauty.

Westcoast has the rare distinction of maintaining the highest level of contractor certification with a number of major shingle manufacturers, including being a Master Elite Contractor with GAF. This gives "peace of mind" when you are having a roof system installed with manufacturer's specific warranty requirements. 

At Westcoast Roofing, we work with several types of metal roofing materials, including copper, galvanized steel, zinc, aluminum and silicon-coated steel.

Slate tile roof systems, although expensive, can be a beautiful, long term option for your home.

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Justin and his crew worked really hard even in the bad weather we had recently. The roof looks beautiful. When the job was done, the clean up was outstanding. No debris was left and they were careful about the neighbours yard as well. Justin was very polite and always kept me informed about arrival and departure times or delays. I was pleased that Todd came to inspect the roof after it was completed. I had a very positive experience working with Todd and his crew and I highly recommend Westcoast Roofing. I am very satisfied with my cedar shake roof.

- Bruna

John Doe


What makes us the specialists for Sloped Roofing Services in North Vancouver?

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