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Recently, I complimented a neighbour and asked about his recently installed cedar shake roof. My own shake roof was in need of replacement after at least 30 years of North Vancouver wear and tear. Without hesitation he said, “You should call Westcoast Roofing Systems – they are excellent”. Later that evening, I filled in the appropriate info on their website and waited for their call. Blaine called the next morning and after an inspection, I soon had a quote in my email.

The first indication that I had chosen the right company actually came from our two closest neighbours. Both mentioned how courteous the crew was when it came to parking. Periodic spring rain did not deter Justin, Al, Raddick and Jeff from working hard to get the old roof off and the new one installed as quickly and efficiently as possible. When it was time to tarp up the house at the end of one hard day, Justin gave me his card and said “Call Me” if the tarp flaps in the wind over night. It didn’t, but the excellent customer service was evident. I would definitely recommend the experts at Westcoast Roofing to anyone interested in a cedar shake roof.

— Rob S, North Vancouver, 2021

I initially had Todd come to give my roof in North Vancouver an assessment and estimate last year and I liked his straight forward manner and explanation of what will be done on the roof. This week I had John and Al from Westcoast come to my home when they were supposed to and they worked like the dickens all week, even with the tremendous heat we are currently having. Both John and Al have been extremely professional and diligent in the work on my roof and have definitely gone above and beyond in my opinion. They are definitely excellent asset employees to Westcoast. Thank you all (Todd, John and Al) for your hard work, I will definitely recommend you to anyone that mentions they need roofing done.

— Georgina B, August, 2019

Justin and his crew worked really hard even in the bad weather we had recently. The roof looks beautiful. When the job was done, the clean up was outstanding . No debris was left and they were careful about the neighbours yard as well. Justin was very polite and always kept me informed about arrival and departure times or delays. I was pleased that Todd came to inspect the roof after it was completed. I had a very positive experience working with Todd and his crew and I highly recommend Westcoast Roofing. I am very satisfied with my cedar shake roof.

— Bruna V, March 2019, West Vancouver

I had a persistent flashing leak and rodent incursion problem that needed fixing. Other roofers came to my home and applied a dab of caulking then tried to convince me my entire roof needed replacing. Todd from West Coast Roofing came over for a look and we immediately were on the same page. I needed my flashing problem properly diagnosed, repaired and restored. I also needed an inspection of my low-slope roof for insurance purposes. Todd’s team did a great job on the repair, with and without my watchful eye. While likely not the most inexpensive firm in the market, getting the job done right is what’s most important to me. And guess what – my roof doesn’t need replacing and will likely last another decade. I have recommended West Coast Roofing to my insurer and would also recommend their services to folks needing a competent assessment of their roof and any necessary repair. Thanks to Todd and Jeff at West Coast for my piece of mind.

— Doug W., August 2018

One of the main reasons we chose Westcoast Roofing Systems is that Todd responded in a timely fashion and really listened and asked questions to gain an understanding of our needs. Once the job was confirmed, it was efficiently completed by Jeff and his team to our total satisfaction. The clean up afterwards was also done really well.

— Stefanie M., July 2018

Todd explained our roofing needs and options very well. Work was done in a timely manner and cleanup was immaculate.

— Randell G, October 2018

I contacted West Coast Roofing because the BBB rating and reviews were positive. I was not disappointed. While many companies did not even return my call, Todd W**** did, and gave his honest and I feel experienced opinion on our roof. The best news was that he felt we did not need a new roof, and the maintenance suggested by other companies may actually do more damage than good. Todd backed up his opinion with factual information and experience. Thank-you todd for saving us money – and saving the environment of unnecessary waste.
— Jenna S., October 2017

West Coast Roofing came and explained their quote in details and advantages and disadvantages of various options. The technicians who installed installed the new roof were knowledgeable and paid attention to the smallest detail. Once the roof had been completed all the material taken from the old roof was removed and the gutters cleaned. A very professional company who provided a 10 year work guarantee.

— Christopher L., September 2017

Westcoast Roofing replaced the roof on my home 10 years ago and did a great job. They also did the roof on my father in laws house. Recently I experienced a crack in a roof vent during the heavy rains and they came out to replace it right away. This is the kind of service I value. I will use them again and would highly recommend them to my family and friends.

— David L., April 2017

WC Roofing did our cedar roof 25 years ago and because of our positive experience then, we were happy to see they were still in business. We contacted Todd and after going over all of the different roofing material options with us we decided to replace the old cedar with a new hand split cedar roof. WC Roofing has just finished a new cedar replacement roof. Todd and his crew are the best! They started the job when they said they would, came each day, rain or shine, until it was finished. Their attention to detail and quality was exemplary. The driveway was cleaned up each night and at the end of the job everything put back in it’s place. Materials were delivered as needed so we didn’t have to lose parking or lawn space for supplies. Ours is a large high pitched roof difficult to access and Safety for the crew and everyone coming close to the job was part of their work ethic. No matter what type of roofing material you want installed, Todd will help you chose wisely and his crew will get it done! I would recommend his company to friends and family and anyone wanting a job done by people who care.

— Sue M., November 2017

We had a complicated roofing problem causing damage inside our house and the team at Westcoast Roofing Systems was thorough and logical in solving it. Each step of the investigation was reviewed and explained to us, and confirmed with photos & videos taken up on the roof. The process of good communication through conversations and through email kept us confident that the steps they proposed taking made sense and were logical. In the end Westcoast did a big multi-step job to solve the problem. The work was expensive, but not as much as a new roof, which they did not try to sell us on. We found the crew to be polite, hard-working, neat and very nice to interact with. We are happy to finally have our roofing problem solved and we recommend Westcoast Roofing.

Sue D., April 2020

We had Westcoast do our roof recently and the work was done very quickly and the workmanship appears to be excellent as the roof presents very well to the onlooker. They had a project manager assigned who came every day and outlined the work for the day and discussed any issues that had come up, All in all, an excellent job, performed very efficiently.

– Don, April 2020

While the job took a lot of days to complete because of the size of the roof, the impact on our daily life was minimal. They workmen were polite, gentlemanly and co-operative. They worked steadily to complete the work with as little mess as possible and no resulting damage to the garden. We are very happy to recommend them.

– Joanne C.

We employed the Westcoast Roofing Systems company to install a new roof on our home in North Vancouver. We were very impressed with the excellent quality of workmanship and the attention to detail. We would highly recommend this roofing company.

– Nancy and Franklin G., North Vancouver

We were impressed by your efforts to protect windows, fabric decks and shrubs from falling debris. The thorough cleanup of roof, yard and hedges went beyond our expectations.

– Laurie T., North Vancouver

I just want to thank you and your crew for the incredible hand split shake roof that your men installed on my bungalow home in the Vancouver Heights area. My son and I were so impressed with the roofing dynamics that are involved in selecting the appropriate roof, and that you kindly explained, drew diagrams and gave detailed explanations of the air flowage inside and outside of the roof. Then there was all the impressive credentials backing up your knowledge and work. I see why you have such great success with your business, because of your honesty, caring and integrity in today’s world of materialism and monetary value.

– Lia C., Vancouver

I used to think having a roof job was just a slap on deal, but my experience with you and your team has certainly changed my point of view. You come to this with a wealth of technical experience and a pride of craftsmanship that I never dreamed possible.

Dennis F., Vancouver

After researching many roofing companies, and having a number come to the house to make recommendations for our drainage issues, we decided to go with this company. We couldn’t have been more pleased with how Todd ***** figured out a solution to our problem, while none of the other roofers that came to look at our roof had any idea as to what to do. Todd was courteous, professional and his solution worked wonderfully.

– Judith S.

I strongly recommend Westcoast Roofing. As the president of a 7-unit strata building, I had to source a company to replace our cedar roof. I met with many companies, and looked at many options, but Westcoast was fantastic in terms of helping me understand the pros and cons of different types of roofing and cedar roofs. When we hired Westcoast to replace our roof, they were a pleasure to work with and the quality of their work, and the crew doing the work, was excellent. We are very pleased with the cedar roof installed by Westcoast and I highly recommend them.

– Don B.

I have used Westcoast Roofing several times over the past 17 years. The reason? – they are honest, they are reliable and the finished job is done properly. They don’t start a job and then leave it to work on others. They show up when they say they will and they leave the premises neat and tidy. Most of all, I have peace of mind when the job is done. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Todd Wells at Westcoast Roofing to my friends, and that says it all.

– Lloyd Skelton

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