Transitional Detailing

Transitional detailing encompasses the design and execution of a detail that bridges both the waterproof and water shedding requirements at points on a buildings envelope where horizontal and vertical planes intersect. Some examples of transitional details are: parapet walls and railings surrounding decks and roofs windows, skylights, and chimneys exterior doors that open onto decks […]

Waterproofing vs Watershedding Systems

Waterproof Systems Waterproof systems are required when water moves in more than one direction. Some parts of a building that require waterproof systems or detailing are: flat roofs decks the top of parapet walls window sills door sills gutters Water Shedding Systems Water shedding systems can be used when water moves in only one direction. […]

Moisture Control in New Residential Buildings

Preventing damage moisture in buildings Moisture damage in building assemblies is the result of moisture movement caused by rain entry from above or below grade, air transport and vapour diffusion, or a combination of these mechanisms. Strategies to prevent wetting from the exterior of the building are similar in all climates. Strategies to control wetness […]

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