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Skylight Fabrication & Installations

Skylights provide natural light to living spaces while adding architectural beauty. There are many varieties of skylights: walk way covers, lean-to’s, T bar glazing systems, roof windows, circular roof domes & pyramids, and fixed and vented curb mount units.

The waterproof integrity of a skylight installation depends on the installer’s knowledge of the skylight assembly and of the waterproofing detailing adjacent to the skylight’s curb.

Skylights tend to leak when installed by experienced skylight installers who lack the roofing experience. This has left people with the faulty belief that skylights leak and should be avoided.
Often what appears to be a leaking skylight is actually a failure in the roof membrane or roof flashings adjacent to the skylight curb. If your skylight is leaking, a professional inspection will indicate whether the leak is related to the roof or the skylight unit itself.

At Westcoast we have the experience to repair even the most complex skylight assembly. We can also design, fabricate and install a new skylight appropriate for your needs.

Over longer periods of time, glass units can fail, gaskets shrink, and flashings dislodge. Regular maintenance of a skylight unit prevents the unnecessary cost associated with leakage. In addition to repairs and installations, Westcoast also performs skylight maintenance.

The Westcoast Way

Make sure the contractor who repairs or installs your skylight has the knowledge and experience of the type of roofing system that the skylight unit is cutting into and can ensure that the work will be watertight. More often than not it’s the roof that will leak, not the skylight.

Westcoast Roofing Systems are specialists for Skylight Installation in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

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