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Leak Investigation Services in the Lower Mainland

Leak investigation is a process by which qualified personnel complete an in depth investigation to determine the source of water entry into a building or home.

Westcoast Roofing Systems completes leak investigations to determine all sources of water ingress into the building. Only when all sources of water ingress are identified can an appropriate remediation/repair plan be crafted.

Without a proper leak investigation, a building owner can spend thousands of dollars only to find that the leak continues.

Contact Westcoast Roofing Systems for leak investigation services such as:

At Westcoast we have the knowledge, experience and skilled workers required to repair and maintain any type of chimney. We use the latest advancements in self-sealing mortar technology.

At Westcoast we have the experience to repair even the most complex skylight assembly. We can also design, fabricate and install a new skylight appropriate for your needs.


At Westcoast we have decades of technical expertise to help us understand and diagnose problems relating to condensation and ventilation.

Westcoast is able to offer comprehensive, detailed reports supported by photos and other media to help you develop a maintenance plan for your roof.


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I had a persistent flashing leak and rodent incursion problem that needed fixing. Other roofers came to my home and applied a dab of caulking then tried to convince me my entire roof needed replacing. Westcoast Roofing came over for a look and we immediately were on the same page. I needed my flashing problem properly diagnosed, repaired and restored. I also needed an inspection of my low-slope roof for insurance purposes. The team did a great job on the repair, with and without my watchful eye. I have recommended Westcoast Roofing to my insurer and would also recommend their services to folks needing a competent assessment of their roof and any necessary repair.

- Doug

What makes us the specialists in Leak Investigation Services in Vancouver?

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