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Deck Waterproofing & Surfacing

Transitional Detailing should be considered in Deck Replacement

Decks are wonderful places to relax and regenerate with friends and family. However, the following must be considered.

The waterproofing integrity of a deck, the surrounding walls and flashings often fails well before the symptoms of the failure are readily visible. This means that when one becomes aware of the leak, there is often consequential damage to the surrounding components of the building envelope. In other words, rot. The cost of work associated with waterproofing a deck and surrounding area, rot remediation, and deck surfacing is often greater then most people are aware.

Deck replacement can entail the removal of deck coverings, planters, railings, siding, doors, adjacent roof sections, metal flashings, and the deck membrane itself. This is often the minimum amount of work required to design and execute proper transitional detailing.

Once the focus of attention is on the transitional details, various waterproof membrane options can be considered, including:

There are a variety of deck surfaces that can be applied over top of the waterproof membrane, including:

  • Concrete Pavers
  • Stone Pavers
  • Cedar Panels
  • Hardy Board Panels (synthetic wood)
The Westcoast Way

Contractors often provide a scope of work to the customer that appears financially attractive. Attention to transitional detailing means the scope of work will be larger and financially less attractive, but attention to transitional detailing protects you from the future costs of rot remediation associated with “not doing enough work to protect the building in the first place”.

Westcoast Roofing Systems are specialists in Vancouver for Deck Replacement and Surfacing.

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