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Windows & Cladding

Westcoast architecture vs. "Santa Fe" style architecture

Traditional Westcoast architectural design incorporates large roof overhangs to protect the building’s windows and cladding from the adverse effects of wind and rain.

In British Columbia during the 1970s, the “Santa Fe style architecture” movement promoted the elimination of roof overhangs and accordingly, placed more demand on the windows and claddings to keep water out of the building. The construction industry was caught off guard. It simply lacked the knowledge and experience required to protect a “Santa Fe style building” from the wind and rain.

Windows and cladding failures on buildings with no overhangs were and still are commonplace. The industry has responded by directing its attention to better design and execution of transitional detailing and introduced rain screen wall technology. Transitional detailing is meant to protect the building assembly from damage caused by moisture penetrating the cladding and windows. Rain screen wall technology is meant to protect the building from rot by ensuring that walls will dry out even if moisture penetrates the building’s exterior cladding.

Windows and cladding are components of the buildings envelope and are incorporated into the rain screen design through transitional detailing.

At Westcoast, we have extensive knowledge of the entire building’s envelope and can help design and execute solutions that will perform long term.

Interesting Fact

When a window or cladding leaks, the insulation within a wall acts like a sponge soaking up and holding moisture. This increased moisture load within the wall can trigger mold spores to germinate within 48 hours and provides the perfect conditions for dry rot. If you see any signs of leakage, act promptly.

Westcoast Roofing Systems are specialists in Vancouver for Windows & Cladding

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From cedar shakes to laminate shingles or slate tiles, we have extensive experience in all types of sloped roof systems.

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We can help you with various types of flat roof systems for your industrial, commercial or residential project.

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From rain screen wall assemblies to sheet metal fabrication, we are experts in building envelopes.

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