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Building Envelope Restoration in the Lower Mainland

The building envelope is a physical barrier that separates your home or building from the elements outside. There are a number of different components to the building envelope, including:

Walls   -   Windows   -   Doors   -   Roofs

The above components work together as a system to protect the interior space of the building from environmental factors like, rain, wind, temperature changes, humidity and UV rays.

For a more detailed definition of building envelope, see this resource "What is Building Envelope?" from Homeowner Protection Office Branch of BC Housing.

Westcoast Roofing System provides services to help maintain and repair the buildings' envelope, including but not limited to:

Rain screen wall technology - which increases the rate of moisture removal within a wall - is very important in the Lower Mainland due to the high humidity. 

Deck replacement includes the surrounding walls and flashing as well as the deck membrane itself. Proper transitional detailing are important to prevent future leakage.


Windows and cladding are components of the buildings envelope and are incorporated into the rain screen design through transitional detailing.

At Westcoast we have the experience, knowledge and skilled work force to design, fabricate and install the necessary waterproof membranes and custom metal flashings.

Westcoast Roofing Services Building Envelope Sheet Metal

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I strongly recommend Westcoast Roofing. As the president of a 7-unit strata building, I had to source a company to replace our cedar roof. I met with many companies, and looked at many options, but Westcoast was fantastic in terms of helping me understand the pros and cons of different types of roofing and cedar roofs. When we hired Westcoast to replace our roof, they were a pleasure to work with and the quality of their work, and the crew doing the work, was excellent. We are very pleased with the cedar roof installed by Westcoast and I highly recommend them.

- Don

What makes us the specialists in Building Envelope Restoration?

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